Technologies 5 MIN READ

Conferences don’t need to be boring. Product launch events do need to be engaging. Awards shows can be more than a dinner and a comedian on a stage. This was SXS’ core belief when we began to develop the Immersitech series. Immersitech is a set of core elements designed to augment your presentations and experiences to bring a new dimension of engagement and spectacle.

Projection Mapping

Bold visuals mapped to 3D sets allows content to follow contours of buildings or explode out into a room, bringing your brand or message to life.

Surround Sound

Immerse guests in audio, giving new connection to experiences. Create soundscapes, and incorporate directional sound for a theatrical event.

Wind Effects

From a gentle breeze to a gale-force wind, blow your guests away with wind and moving air effects that they won’t be expecting.


Experience the warmth of the sun on your skin or the humid Amazonian rainforest. Temperature controlled devices can transport you to a different climate.

Video Rooms

Instead of a screen on a stage, imagine if your presentation surrounded your guests, immersing them completely in the rich content. Make them travel through space, walk through the desert, or be bombarded by information on all sides.


A rumbling truck, thunderstorms, an earthquake; these are all examples of types of content that can be improved through the use of vibrations. Shake up your presentation or soothe your audience with subtlety.